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Supportive Gear for Spring Sports

Supportive gear for spring sportsFor those individuals who like to play sports year-round, there are always various options available. There are numerous factors that play into these season-specific types of activities, including school programs, weather, and availability.

Spring sports umbrella a variety of sports, but the most common ones you’ll find being played in this season include track and field, baseball, tennis, volleyball, golf, and pool-based sports. You’ll notice that many of these sports tend to be geared more toward individual play as opposed to team play, and they also tend to have less contact than others such as hockey or football. Continue reading

How to Properly Clean a Medical Brace

Medical braces provide added support, compression, and protection to various parts of our bodies. When we invest in a medical brace, we want to be able to use it for as long as necessary and, possibly, later on in case of a re-injury.

Designed to be sturdy, medical braces are made from strong, breathable materials, but that doesn’t mean that they will keep them from staying clean and fresh. Cleaning your medical brace is very important and if you are unsure how to do so, consider the information provided to help keep your brace in its original state. Continue reading

5 Tips for Using Pediatric Braces

Even the smallest bones and muscles can become injured. In today’s society, youth sports and competition are performed at a much higher level and, as a result, injuries are much more common. To help protect and fix injuries in children, a brace can sometimes be the key to making them better again.

For some children braces are a new experience. They may have trouble putting them on and getting used to them. However, with a little practice and some helpful tips, your child will be able to maneuver without trouble and start healing in no time.

Here are 12 tips for how to use pediatric braces: Continue reading

When Choosing A Shoulder Brace

When Choosing A Shoulder Brace

When Choosing A Shoulder BraceWhen Choosing A Shoulder Brace it is important to understand the type of shoulder injury suffered and the severity of the shoulder injury. Your doctor can determine these conditions and can recommend the proper shoulder brace or shoulder immobilizer. Shoulder injuries are a common problem among  elderly people and sport enthusiasts.

Athletes are on top of the list. They are actually the group of people who are prone to all sorts of injuries. Thanks to shoulder braces because shoulder injuries can already be addressed without the need for invasive medical and surgical procedure.

A shoulder brace is a medical device used as a shoulder support for shoulder injuries. It is usually made up of elastic straps that support the injured shoulder by keeping it immobile and rested so that it will have a good chance to heal and dislocations will be avoided. If you have shoulder injury, you can potentially benefit from using a shoulder support brace.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider when choosing a shoulder brace for your shoulder needs and they are as follows:

  • When choosing a shoulder brace, the very first thing that needs to be considered is type of injury that you have sustained. If it’s something serious, if there are tears or dislocations, only a doctor can tell, so, you should consult one first if you are suspecting an injury in your shoulder. Your doctor will tell you what to do and he will even prescribe to you the right type of shoulder support brace that you should use for your condition.
  • Secondly, you should also consider the amount or level of support that your shoulder needs. There are many different types of shoulder braces and each type provides a specific support level so, you will have a number of options to choose from. Let us take a closer look.

The Basic Support Level Braces

These are typically, the smaller shoulder braces that are usually made from an elastic or stretchy fabric. These are the shoulder braces that can be worn even when you are at work or asleep because they are still comfortable to wear despite of the purpose that they serve. Some of these braces may have straps that are wrapped around the chest so that the brace will stay securely in place. But, while this can provide good support, these braces with straps are not the best options for women.

Moderate Support Shoulder Braces

These types of shoulder braces are not stretchy but they cover more of the shoulder and the level of support that they provide is already good enough, even for athletes. And although, these braces are bigger and are already capable of providing moderate support, they will still allow you make some movements and they will not render you totally immobile. Some of these braces even come with gel packs or built – in heat therapy that can help patient’s quick recovery

High Shoulder Support Braces

These are the types of braces that offer maximum support so when you will be using them, you will not really be able to move. As such, these are only used by people who are recovering from a serious injury or a surgery. At we offer a variety of shoulder braces for athletes and lay people alike.

Frozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen Shoulder Adhesive CapsulitisFrozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis, is a shoulder injury that causes stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. The stiffness can be a result of inflammation and a thicking of the shoulder joint capsule. Scarring in and around the shoulder joint and surrounding soft tissue can lead to adhesive capsulitis. Certain shoulder conditions such as tendonitis, and rotator cuff syndrome can result in a frozen should. As the shoulder joint stiffens over time the pain from frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis will worsen. Frozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis occurs more commonly in women and appears most often between the ages of 40-60. Most doctors do not know what causes frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis, but prologed immobilization with shoulder slings or immobilizers can instigate the condition. Certain medical conditions like Diabetes, hyper and hyothyroidism can result in increased chances of developing frozen shoulder. Signs and symptoms typically begin slowly, but will worsen over time. A frozen shoulder may resolve within one or two years. Shoulder injuries can cause a great deal of pain, so a shoulder brace may be able to reduce pain or even increase the healing time. Treatment for frozen shoulder can involve stretching and exercises. Physical therapy, heat therapy NSAID’s and cortisone injections into the shoulder all help aleviate adhesive capsulitis.  There are a small percentage of cases that may require surgery to loosen the joint so that it can move more freely. The surgery involves removing scar tissue that is restricting movement. Rehabilitation of a frozen shoulder after surgery is very important to ensure a restoration of range of motion.

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Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury was just one of the problems the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling with this season. Their starting center Dwight Howard was out due to a shoulder injury could hurt them even more. The Lakers acquired Dwight Howard in a 3 team deal last year. Along with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol, the some say Lakers should be in the top ranks this season, although they are currently quite the opposite. The last thing the Lakers needed was another injury, but all they can do is hope their All-Star center is healthy as soon as possible.Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

A torn labrum involves the socket of the shoulder.  The glenoid is part of the scapula, and the labrum is the soft tissue that makes up the rim of the socket.  The labrum makes the glenoid socket deeper for the arm bone to fit into.  The rotator cuff covers this area of the shoulder, so many times, the two injuries can occur together.

Treatment for a torn labrum usually involves arthroscopic surgery to repair and remove the affected area. Some cases can resolve with conservative treatment, physical therapy and extensive rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder. Your doctor will evaluation your shoulder, perform tests such ans MRI and CAT scan before determining if surgery is necessary.

Certain shoulder braces and shoulder slings are used both for conservative treatment and post surgery applications.  Some shoulder braces hold your shoulder and arm in a particular angle to maximize healing.
The Brace Shop has a large selection of shoulder braces and shoulder slings to choose from in their online store. Shoulder injuries and other joint injuries can be very common in basketball and other sports, but a brace may help heal and prevent further injury. The Brace Shop’s online store also gives you the option to sort by condition, thus allowing you to find exactly what you need. Contact the Brace Shop today with any questions you my have.

Broken Collarbone Brace

Shoulder Brace To Help Heal A Broken CollarboneA clavicle fracture is common in both children and adults, but typically occurs more frequently in those under age 25 due to the clavicle not completely developing until your late teens. Your clavicle, or collarbone, is located between your rib cage and your shoulder blade. Babies during birth often experience a broken collarbone, but in older persons, it can follow a direct blow to the shoulder, a car collision, or falling on to an outstretched arm. A serious injury to acquire, there are many treatment options available and a full recovery is usually anticipated.
Some of the signs that you might have a broken collarbone include: pain in your shoulder, difficulty moving your shoulder, and swelling or bruising around the broken bone. A doctor’s consultation should always be sought out when you are experiencing any abnormalities in your body. Occasionally, if the broken collarbone is more severely damaged, you could be recommended surgery but this is rare. The most common treatment you might be presented with is excessive rest for the injured extremity. Generally it takes about 12 weeks for your broken collarbone to completely heal, but pain should subside within only a few weeks. In addition to resting, a shoulder brace is also strongly suggested if not required for the clavicle to heal correctly.
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Breast Cancer Awareness and Frozen Shoulder

October is Breast Cancer awareness month in honor of it being the second most common type of cancer in the United States (Lung cancer is the first). has an extremely rich resource of information that informs us that, “In 2011, they estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were to be diagnosed.  Along with an estimated 57,650 additional cases of in situ breast cancer and 2,140 cases of breast cancer are expected to occur among men.” The frequent action to remove breast cancer is to undergo a mastectomy. A moderate side effect of the procedure at any given time can be the result of a frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder is the result of inflammation, scarring, thickening, and shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the normal shoulder joint. The condition is uncommon in those under 40 years old, and your risk of developing frozen shoulder increases if you’re recovering from a medical condition or procedure that affects the mobility of your arm, such as a stroke or a mastectomy. The treatment of this ailment includes the use of medication to reduce pain and inflammation & restoring range of motion with gentle stretching exercises

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Green Bay Packers Tom Crabtree Shoulder Injury

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Who hasn’t heard about the infamous NFL temporary refs call on last Monday’s Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks game? By now it has blown up just about every headline in sports news, and will probably be one of the highlights for the entire season. In that same game, a number of Packer players had to sit on the sidelines due to previously incurred injuries.

A not so happy Tom Crabtree viewed from afar the night’s horrendous encounter as he rested and recovered from a shoulder strain. Crabtree originally suffered his injury when playing against Cincinnati in August. At that time his doctor informed him that his shoulder would not worsen, but that Crabtree must take some recreational time to recuperate. On Wednesday Crabtree practiced in full in preparation for Sunday’s game.
The most mobile joint in your entire body is that of your shoulder, thus enabling it to perform a number of duties including: lifting boxes, pushing a lawn mower, and other vigorous physical activities. Shoulder ailments, like any other injury, can range in form from sever to moderate.  A shoulder injury can occur in various forms, one the most common being a sprain.  It’s important with any abnormal pain to seek medical attention right away to rule out and prevent a more serious condition
The Brace Shop provides the latest shoulder immobilizers in Pediatric & adult sizes for post-injury and post-surgical care. They also offer a complete selection of arm slings & Elevators for all types of shoulder conditions such as rotator cuff repairs, Bankart repairs, capsular shifts, glenohumeral dislocations/subluxation & soft tissue repairs/strains.

Quarterbacks On, Quarterbacks Off

Sunday represented the first full day of NFL Football since January. And this season, all eyes were on the quarterbacks, many of whom were new to their team rosters. Robert Griffin III (known as RG3) in Washington, Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning in Denver. And while Griffin impressed, Luck was average, and Manning dusted himself off from a season ending neck injury, there were other quarterbacks whose prospects for the 2012 season went down in a hurry.

For example, John Skelton was impressive during the preseason, but was carted off the field with a right ankle injury during the fourth quarter while his Arizona Cardinals shut down the Seattle Seahawks. Two players crashed into one another, then landed on Skelton’s leg, giving the reins back to Kevin Kolb, who ended up becoming the hero. Then there was Jake Locker of the Tennessee Titans who, for some apparent reason, tried to re-imagine his role as an offensive tackle, ultimately leaving the game with a left shoulder injury. Rodger Saffold, playing for the St. Louis Rams, endured the most frightening injury, crumpling under the weight of safety John Wendling of the Detroit Lions. Fortunately, Saffold could move his arms and legs, but his neck was definitely hurt.

With all eyes on the new season of professional football, most quarterbacks were on, but others were not. We might even argue it was an ultimately strange day in the NFL, since both Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay and Drew Brees of New Orleans were shut down in their own stadiums.

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