Star NC Wrestler Paralyzed

No one who competes as an athlete ever wants to imagine that their activities will lead to a devastating injury; let alone an injury that will disrupt the rest of their lives. In the case of Luke Hampton, a senior wrestler from Alleghany High School, such an unexpected tragedy is exactly what happened.

Hampton is a Class A1 wrestler, which essentially ranked him among the most elite athletes in the state of North Carolina. During a match last Saturday, he was moving in against his opponent and went head first into a nearby padded wall. When he fell to the mat, coaches were sure he must have just knocked himself unconscious, but they were terrified to realize he had no physical movement from the neck down.

On coach said of the incident, “When I saw it, I thought maybe a concussion or he just hit his head. Right when I got to him, I knew immediately it wasn’t good.”

His C5 and C6 vertebrae were crushed in the collision, making it virtually impossible to restore feeling to limbs that had now become disconnected from the central line of the nervous system. Hampton was transported to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, where doctors are hoping to give him every possible chance of recovery. Friends and family call the boy a fighter in more ways than one. If there is a chance to walk again, they argue, Hampton will find a way.

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