Stay Safe During Memorial Day

memorial day

Stay Safe During Memorial Day

As we remember those who have fought and died for our country this memorial day weekend, The Brace Shop and its entire staff wants to remind everyone to stay safe during Memorial Day and this Memorial holiday.

It is a sad statistic according to the national Safety Council that during this holiday there will be almost 400 traffic fatalities and another 46,000 medically consulted injuries just from motor vehicle collisions. The Memorial holiday weekend can be a great time for family and friends to get together for a barbeque, shopping or other activities. Dealing with death and injury instead of celebrating and honoring our fallen is a tragedy.

Many of these fatalities can be prevented by very simple rules and messages that flood the airwaves every day for countless years. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore them and feel they are immune to these rules. Please don’t text or use your phone while driving. Wear a seat belt when driving, and have your passengers wear one as well. Don’t speed!

Better to get to you destination safe than sorry. Be aware of your surroundings. There are many people on the road so try to be courteous. Honor the men and women who have died for your freedoms, and express those freedoms by being a good person not only during this holiday, but every day.

Sometimes bad news seems everywhere. People taking advantage of our precious senior citizens, robberies, murder, rape, and the list goes on.

It seems that we live in a society that feeds on despair. It would be nice to have one day to reflect on how lucky we are and what we have to be thankful

Those men and women of our armed forces died for your freedoms, so don’t take advantage of their sacrifice by taking advantage of others.

The Brace Shop is not just an online orthopedic business. We are proud to service our Veteran Hospitals, military bases and servicemen and servicewomen all over the world.

We hope that during this Memorial Weekend, you share the same feelings and prayers that go out to the families who have lost loved ones in battle or are suffering from injuries suffered in battle.

The world is getting smaller everyday. Let us use Memorial Day to give thanks to those that cannot celebrate with us.

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