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Shea Webers Subluxed Kneecap

Shea Webers Subluxed Kneecap

Shea Webers Subluxed KneecapShea Webers Subluxed Kneecap made the hockey headlines last week and will be out at least 4-6 weeks. He is going to go under the knife to repair the knee, and although the type of surgery was not disclosed, his ACL was intact.

Kneecap dislocations and subluxations are common in high impact and high contact sports like hockey. Shea Webers Subluxed Kneecap occurred when the kneecap becomes partially dislocated and then goes back into the femoral groove. When the knee is fully extended, the kneecap or patella is forced outwards or lateral.

Many athletes with large quadriceps can dislocate their patella because their outer thigh is overdeveloped and inner thigh in underdeveloped.

Initial treatment for this condition is ice, rest, elevation and compression to the knee. Anti-inflammatory medication is used to reduce the pain and swelling. A knee brace is often used to stabilize the knee and control the patella tracking movement.

In cases where the condition is chronic or if the athlete is more susceptible to subluxation, surgery is necessary. In Shea Webers Subluxed Kneecap, a lateral release may have been performed, which loosens the tissue on the outside of the knee and kneecap. This creates a better balance of the quadriceps and quadriceps tendon. Creating a larger groove in the femoral condyle can be done to allow the patella to track better.

Whatever the treatment, a patella knee brace is very beneficial to prevent the condition from occurring or reoccuring. These types of braces are called “Lateral Stabilizer Knee Braces”. A good example of a popular patella knee brace is Medi USA PT Control Patella Knee Brace. This brace has a unique buttress and thermoplastic plate that work when the knee is extended to control patella subluxation.

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