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Dwyane Wade’s Sprained Foot

Dwyane Wade Foot Brace For A Foot SprainDwyane Wade, a Miami Heat Basketball star, has had his share of injuries this year. From a knee surgery over the summer to being sick with the flu. The newest injury for Wade though is a sprained left foot that is inhibiting his ability to play basketball. The normally extremely talented player is currently fumbling around on the court desperate to not be sidelined. Before the Miami Heat versus Clippers game on Wednesday, Wade underwent an x-ray on his left foot to see just how damaged the limb was. Wade incurred this injury while playing against the Houston Rockets last Monday. The X-ray came back on Wednesday with no extended damage, and Wade decided to be in the starting lineup for the game.
Injuries in any sport are expected as being part of the game, some of the most common injuries in basketball include: Ankle Sprains, Jammed Fingers, Knee Injuries, and Foot Fractures. Because these wounds are frequently incurred there are a number of treatment options available, but your doctor should always be consulted first in order to determine the best treatment for you. You should rest the damaged area, ice it, and try to limit use as much as possible. The most common recommendation is to wear a foot or ankle brace to constrain the movement thus aiding in the healing and recuperation time.
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