The Benefits of Using a Maternity Brace

Individuals who are expecting a little bundle of joy in the near future may be familiar with maternity braces and belts. These helpful devices are designed specifically for the different stages of maternity, and they may provide added support and comfort for the wearer.

If you’re thinking about investing in a maternity brace, consider the following benefits of wearing a support during your pregnancy: Pregnant woman holding flower

  1. Helps Decrease Pain

A maternity brace is one of the best ways to decrease the pain associated with childbearing. Expectant mothers who are of average height gain an average of 25-35 pounds while underweight women generally gain somewhere between 28-40 pounds during pregnancy. This added weight to the front-mid section can cause a great amount of pressure and pain in the spine, lower back, hips, lower limbs, and tailbone.

A maternity brace can help to relieve some of the pain associated with weight gain by distributing the weight of the baby across the abdomen and back. Quality maternity braces are designed specifically to relieve some of the weight pressing down on the body, and may relieve back pain, dull pain, and pain associated with Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain and Round Ligament Pain.

  1. Encourages Proper Posture

 With the added weight, some women may not realize that they are practicing bad posture. There may be comfort in leaning forward or slouching, but it’s important to maintain good posture so your spine and lumbar support remain strong.

A high-quality maternity back brace will encourage the proper posture and help to prevent overextension of the back, which generally occurs while trying to carry the added weight. The added support of the brace can help to improve posture and reduce pain connected with a “sway back.”

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  1. Encourages Exercise

 For many women, it may seem very difficult and uncomfortable to engage in regular activities or exercise while pregnant. While it’s important to limit yourself during pregnancy, a healthy amount of exercise can maintain muscle tone and decrease depression, hyperextension, and diabetes.

A maternity brace can offer some extra support that will make exercise and activities much more comfortable and manageable by compressing the area slightly and helping decrease pain associated with the pregnancy. Expectant mothers who want to continue their healthy regimen without pain should consider a maternity brace to give them the added support to continue performing comfortably.

  1. Adjustable Design

 For expectant mothers who are interested in a maternity brace, the best thing about the design is that it is adjustable throughout your pregnancy to fit perfectly. Whether you’re in your first or third trimester, your maternity brace can be adjusted to fit your shape so you can get the most out of your purchase.

  1. Offers Added Comfort

 Performing tasks as a pregnant woman without belly support is like working out without a sports bra—it can be annoying, uncomfortable, and painful. The best maternity brace for comfort offers that added level of comfort that can give expectant mothers the confidence to continue to take part in their favorite activities, from walking or jogging to working and traveling.

Modern maternity braces may also help with pelvic region circulation, reduced bladder pressure, reduced pre-term contractions, and decreased varicose veins and swelling.

  1. Post-Pregnancy Support

 Once the baby is born, a mother can still utilize her maternity brace post-child birth. After the baby is born, women may experience weakened core strength as well as weakened muscles and ligaments. A combination of these weakened muscles, exhaustion, and taking care of a newborn can take quite the toll; however, a maternity brace may be able to help with increasing comfort and adding some much-needed support.

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If you are going to be investing in a maternity brace, it’s important to remember that this brace should not be a full-time fill-in for added support and comfort. As with all braces, wearing them too much can cause your body to rely on them for performance and may weaken your muscles and joints as a result. If you’re going to be wearing a maternity brace, be sure to wear it for 2-3 hours maximum to avoid dependency.

It’s also a good idea that expectant mothers continue to work on their own abdominal strength during and after pregnancy, to give their bodies the best chance of remaining strong. If you are feeling any kind of constant pain, both with and without the use of a maternity band, consider seeing your doctor to solve the issue. While the band is perfect for added support, it is not a permanent fix and should be retired when it’s no longer necessary.

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