Time to Do or Addai

With a standing of 0 wins and 5 losses, the Indianapolis Colts are all but finished for the season. No Peyton Manning. No Kerry Collins. And now, no Joseph Addai. That’s right. While every Colts fan knew the season was pretty much a wash without Manning, the hits just keep on coming.

The game between Indianapolis and the Kansas City Chiefs was all Indy in the first 20 minutes, with the Colts going up 17-0 against a familiar AFC opponent. Even Curtis Painter, the new starting quarterback, looked sharp, closing out the game with 277 passing yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. But in the first quarter of play, Joseph Addai went down with a hamstring injury and did not return to the field all day. Every ounce of potential momentum the Colts had acquired up to that point was quickly gone after his absence. Chiefs took the win, 28-24.

Elsewhere in the league, Raider nation was proud to earn a win against the rising Houston Texans. Their victory comes at a timely moment in team history: their long time owner, Al Davis, died in his home this past week, sparking an emotional and physical defense of the Davis legacy. During the game, Houston’s star linebacker went out with an unusual pectoral injury during the first quarter.

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