Time Capsule: A Salt Wound for Angelina

Look at the image on the left.  See if you can find a scar between the eyes of Angelina Jolie.  Can’t find it?  That’s photoshop for ya!

Just a year ago today, Jolie was out promoting her new movie, Salt, and admitted publically that after one of the action sequences, she had jumped into a television monitor that struck her between the eyes.  The star attempted to keep acting, but was soon taken to the hospital where she was stitched up and bandaged so that she could return to filming.

“I returned the next day with this big bandage on my head, they had to paint it (the bandage) out. I tried really hard to do my fight scenes and a few minutes in, they were like, ‘You’re really not fighting very well,’ so they sent me home.”

Several experts called Salt one of the riskiest movies of 2010 because Jolie was doing all of her own stunts.  What’s more, if she were to be injured during the making of the film, a single lapse in production would cost at least $250,000 per day or more.  They call that an insurance company’s worst nightmare.  So giving her just a single day off to recover from the head wound amounted to a quarter of a million dollars.  Chump change in a tough economy, right?  Yeesh!

Salt earned moderate reviews, but most critical praise was given to Jolie, who clearly earned a Tom-Cruise-like-Mission-Impossible persona as one of the first female action stars to demand that no one else could do her terrifying action sequences, like scaling the side of a building with only inches to spare.  Cut or no cut between the eyes, Angelina Jolie is one tough woman.

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