The Uh-Oh in San Francisco

Last year, the San Francisco 49ers could taste the Super Bowl. They were just a game outside of it when the New York ‘Football’ Giants handed them a devastating loss, which some argue was the fault of San Francisco imploding under pressure. Others have suggested that the Niners just needed a few more weapons to get the job done. Coach Jim Harbaugh seems to have adopted this latter view, bringing in stars like Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, both receivers. What was peculiar about the Manningham pick up was that he came from, well, the New York ‘Football’ Giants. Oh, and then there was the acquisition of another Giants’ player, Brandon Jacobs, at running back, adding diversity to the Frank Gore machine.

All the excitement in San Francisco just fell to a hush when, on Saturday, Jacobs went down with a knee injury while playing a preseason game in Houston. He even had to be carted into the locker room after Coach Harbaugh helped him off the field. Yikes!

Right now, there is no news out of San Francisco as to whether this injury will end the season for Jacobs before it begins, but one thing it certainly does is to knock a little wind out of the team, who are preparing for their first game in Green Bay on September 9.

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