Unfortunate Luck of the Irish Road Worker

The timing couldn’t have been worse. While many around the world celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend, Ireland received a bit ‘o bad news. Apparently, the Belfast Telegraph was reporting that one in five road workers who commit to projects along the roads of Northern Ireland have either known or been someone injured by passing motorists. Those numbers are staggering, especially when it turns out that many injuries actually come from individuals who literally hurl things out of their vehicles at these workers. That’s right. Of those injured, four out of ten say that they were hit by a deliberate missile from a passenger going much too fast to catch or punish.

Studies of this problem began after a series of problems began in Northern Ireland where drivers had decided, on multiple occasions, to speed through road work stop signs. Where we might imagine a few insults being hurled, apparently the Irish felt their words weren’t enough to convey disgust. Now that objects are becoming missiles from a fast moving vehicle, the danger for road workers has reached an all time high.

Rosie Leech, an inspector with the Police Services of Northern Ireland (PSNI), has become very firm on this issue over the last several weeks:

“Breaking temporary speed limits though roadworks, particularly where contractors are working, is incredibly dangerous and will not be tolerated. Please follow all directions and instructions at road works. It could save your life as well as someone else’s.”

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