Vonn to Take More Time Off

Good for her. A wave of criticism was hurled at the doctors who cleared Lindsey Vonn to ski after what was deemed a mild concussion just days before. Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, has used much of his tenure to clamp down on the laxness that comes with putting athletes back to work after a head injury and the same kind of clamping ought to take place in the ski world as well. Fortunately, Vonn had the good sense to choose this out on her own. On February 9, the Brace Shop issued an article urging this star Olympic skier to think twice about getting back on the slopes too quickly. And after coming to a decision, Vonn fans could empathize with her sadness:

“It’s been a really difficult few weeks and at every stage, I’ve had 100 percent confidence in the medical advice I’ve been provided and believe we’ve made the right decisions. I’m a competitor … that’s what makes this a really tough choice, but I do feel it’s the right one.” In this case, the decision can’t really be the wrong one.

Vonn has a long list of accolades to her credit and no one can possibly fault her for taking the high road of good health. Skiing is a sport. A game. If she were to hit her head again so quickly after a recent concussion, her entire life could well be flipped upside down. If there’s a fan out there who thinks she betrayed the sport by sitting out for a little while longer, just ask yourself, what would you do if it was your life on the line?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lindsey. Get some rest.

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