Waterproof Braces for Spring Sports

Runing Through Water

Spring is the perfect time for athletes to get back into their physical fitness routines. When the weather is warmer, spring sports are starting, and winter sports are in their final playoff rounds. Popular sports in the spring season include track and field, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, and golf.

For those individuals who are starting their sports in this season, it’s a good idea to be prepared ahead of time by gathering up the proper equipment. Equipment such as proper footwear, helmets, gloves, and other items are necessary to protecting athletes and keeping them injury-free throughout their season. Some of the most common injuries in the spring include runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, and rotator cuff strains.

The spring season is especially tough, as many teams begin practicing when the weather is still frigid and will likely be finishing their season in much hotter temperatures. For some athletes, having waterproof equipment that can perform in a variety of elements without tarnishing is the key to a safe season. These braces are ideal for water sports and water aerobics/training and even for athletes who are dealing with the effects of the changing seasons.

Consider these waterproof braces for spring sports, to enjoy a successful season.

Waterproof Knee Braces

Waterproof knee braces are ideal for all kinds of spring sports, especially since knee injuries are so common in sports such as baseball, lacrosse, and track and field. A quality knee brace will help to keep the knee joint in its proper position, while also helping to decrease pain symptoms without sacrificing performance.

Waterproof knee braces like the FLA Neoprene Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace are ideal for a variety of spring sports injuries, including knee sprains, patellar instability, runner’s knee, and patellar subluxation.

This brace, in particular, is a waterproof design, and it works to provide compressive support as well as medial and lateral stability to avoid injury. Athletes who are aware of potential knee injuries in their sport should consider a waterproof knee brace, to keep their skin dry and cool and to keep their knee joint properly aligned during physical activity.

Waterproof Shoulder Braces

The shoulders are often a key spot for injury in spring sports, due to the high volume of serving, swinging, and hitting in sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, and lacrosse. To protect this area from injury or to provide added support to a previous injury, a waterproof shoulder brace might be the perfect solution.

Waterproof shoulder braces like the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support offer an adjustable design built to fit the wearer comfortably. Added pockets over the AC joint are ideal for adding in an ice pack, heating pack, or extra padding, and this type of style is ideal for offering relief from sprains, strains, rotator cuff problems, and tendinitis.

Athletes with weaker shoulder joints should recognize the potential for injury in their sport ahead of their season and consider investing in a waterproof shoulder brace that will offer that added protection prior to full physical activity.

Holding Ankle

Waterproof Ankle Braces

As mentioned, ankle injuries are also very common in spring sports, especially when we consider the wide range of track and field events that take place at this time. Ankle injuries can be season-ending if they’re not taken care of right away, and braces are a great place to start.

A simple waterproof ankle brace such as the DonJoy Sports Ankle Support is ideal for a variety of sports, as this design offers the support and compression necessary to keep the ankle joints strong and secure. This kind of basic support may be all an athlete needs to ensure that their ankles are protected during running, directional changes, and jumping motions that are often associated with ankle sprains.

This kind of brace is also universal, so it’s ideal for using on either ankle when the need arises. Athletes will be able to enjoy moderate stabilization, decreased pain, and increased joint function when wearing a quality, waterproof ankle brace.

We all look forward to the spring season after a long winter, but it still remains true that spring is often the season with the most varying weather conditions. While some athletes may start in the snow and end in the sunshine, others may start with sunshine and end in a rainy season. To help athletes perform at their best no matter what the weathercaster says, investing in a waterproof brace is a great investment.

Athletes who wear a waterproof brace can be sure that whether they train in a pool, in the rain, or on a sweaty spring day, their bodies will be protected by a brace that can perform in any element.

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