What About Tennis Elbow?

The Pain of Tennis Elbow

The Pain of Tennis Elbow

By now, you’ve probably heard that you don’t have to play tennis to have Tennis Elbow.  A large percentage of tennis players end up battling with TE, but so do golfers (earning the name ‘Golfer’s Elbow’) and everyday workers.  So what is it, how do you get it, and how do you solve it?

What is Tennis Elbow?

Simply put, Tennis Elbow is the excessive overuse of the forearm or elbow resulting in minor to severe pain upon continued use.  Technically put, this pain stems from the muscles and tendons of the forearm where they attach to the outer or inner bones of the elbow (sometimes called epicondylitis).  More than likely, if you are right handed, then any bout of Tennis Elbow will end up on your right side because this is your dominant arm (and vice versa with the left hand).

How do you get Tennis Elbow?

Those repetitive motions that demand work from your hand, your wrist, or your elbow are most likely to cause Tennis Elbow.  For example, swinging a bat over and over or bowling strikes for hours on end.  Even the person who scrubs and scrubs a floor may be at risk.

How do you solve Tennis Elbow?

A simple answer is hot and cold therapy.  An even simpler answer is rest.  You can’t expect a worn elbow to stop hurting if you keep pushing it to the limit.  A little ibuprofen or even a cortisone injection may help distract you from the pain, but it will never replace a change of pace for the sore limb.

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