Williams, Federer Take Wimbledon

Serena Williams and Roger Federer are both in the thirtysomething category and both took home the honor of being called 2012 Wimbledon champions. Federer turns 31 in two months and has officially earned his seventh Wimbledon victory. Williams will turn 31 just a few weeks later and has won her fifth Wimbledon title. They are both at the top of their game, earning praise as two of the best tennis players to ever step on a court. But this was not the case for Federer just one week before the tournament.

Federer is known around the tennis world as an athlete who rarely, if ever, gets injured. And if he does, he conceals it very well. For someone who takes the kinds of twists and turns around the court that he does, Federer is incredibly agile. But last Monday, fans were alarmed by his casual reaction to a seven minute departure after the seventh game to have his back examined.

“I felt it going at the start of the first set. I guess it must be a mix of the five-setter in the last round, the two days off and the cold wind today. I’m honestly not too concerned, I’ve had bad backs over the years, they go as quickly as they come. Of course I have to keep an eye on it but two good nights’ sleep and I’ll be 100 per cent on Wednesday.”

Talk about someone being in tune with their body. Athletes are not always so fortunate, but he sure did put on a good show. As one player put it, “There’s no shame in losing to Roger Federer.” Especially when he puts his back into it.

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