The Woman Behind Bubba Watson’s Success

While most of us were stuffing our faces with Marshmallow Peeps and Chocolate Eggs this Easter, Bubba Watson was winning the Masters’ Golf Tournament against Louis Oosthuizen, who had his own measure of success with a rare albatross (-3 under par). But Smith wasn’t alone in victory.

Media swarmed the champion and had a difficult time edging between he and his beautiful wife, Angie. Here was a woman whose athletic career seemed over in 2002–when a severe ankle sprain and multiple injuries put an end to her potential with the WNBA–but who now serves as the CEO of Bubba Watson, Inc., overseeing all the management of her husband’s astoundingly bright career.

Angie Ball (her maiden name) was a star center and remarkable forward with the Lady Bulldogs, often averaging 26 points on 10 rebounds over her years with the University of Georgia from 1997 to 2000. When ankle sprains and other injuries put her on the sideline, Angie found ways to occupy her time. Instead of being sour about the loss of playing time, she began setting up basketball clinics and leisure trainings for those who needed coaching in various, athletic arenas. Eventually, that path of motivation for other athletes made her the perfect fit for a man who treated golfing as a hobby, but whose skill was far too sharp to be playing only for fun. Angie turned her husband into a champion. And Bubba knows it.

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