Woods’ Career in Question

The storied career of Tiger Woods has gone through far more ups than downs, but experts are now questioning the golfer’s most recent injury and whether this may cripple his future in the game.  On Thursday, Woods pulled out of the Players’ Championship after saying that it was related to a continued problem with his knee.  The man has already undergone three surgeries on the same leg, which leads many to speculate that this is simply the beginning of the end.

Golfing produces far more knee injuries than one might imagine.  To create the perfect swing, a golfer has to be prepared for the sudden and controlled twist that comes from a complete follow-through.  Enough of these swings done right or even wrong and the body can only take so much.  This isn’t to say that every golfer endures an onslaught of injuries.  On the contrary, injury is usually the result of poor conditioning and preparation, although no one would probably believe that Woods is without proper assistance off the course.  What he may need to do is take a few years off, rather than a few months.   

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