New York is all Knicked Up

First it was Iman Shumpert with a torn ACL in Game 1. Then it was Jeremy Lin with a small meniscus tear in his left knee last March. And on Sunday, it was Baron Davis who got carted off the court on a stretcher. All three athletes are members of the New York Knicks, who looked like serious playoff contenders in February, but are now likely to self-destruct during the first round of the post season. That is, unless they can pull off another three games like the one they achieved during Sunday’s matchup against the Miami Heat. Davis on the court or not, the Knicks were fighting for every point, pulling off an upset win, 89-87. Miami still owns the match with a 3-1 scale.

The crazy thing about most of these injuries is that they haven’t been drastic accidents. In the case of Jeremy Lin, he simply noticed a nagging pain in his knee and decided to have it looked at. Next thing he knew, surgery was next on the table. Much in the same underwhelming manner, Davis was moving up the court for an easy basket and his leg buckled underneath him. Physicians say that he dislocated his right patella. Just running up the court, you say? That’s correct. Just running up the court.

Injuries are unpredictable. Even athletes whose profession requires them to be more well conditioned than the rest of us, well, they’re vulnerable as well. As for the New York Knicks and their chances in the NBA Playoffs, we’ll know very soon whether they can survive the Heat.

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